As I’ve stated in previous posts, I know what it is like to be unemployed. Most days I woke up with nothing else to do but search and apply for jobs. By late afternoon, I found myself exploring less serious things to do (aside from watch TV and play Scrabble against a computer.)

I wish I knew about this laughable, lighthearted blog – Stuff Unemployed People Like

The last post was published this past summer but the list of 152 things that the jobless like will get your mind off of applying and hopefully help in the “smile department.”

Our favorite has to be number 39 - Finally Having Time To “Be An Artist.”

Why is it our favorite?

For example, I started a blog when I was searching for a job. On my spare time I wrote, posted, and taught myself how to publish online.

Now, with Pyramid Consulting Group, I get to write and be creative for a living! Do what inspires you, pick up a hobby, and keep on applying.

See you next year!