While scrolling through our Twitter feed this morning we came across this “retweet” by @Cachinko (http://www.chachinko.com/Careers) about @CornOnTheJob (http://www.cornonthejob.com).

The most recent post “Top 5 Shiny Happy Resume Optimization Tips,” a guest post  by Craig Fisher, lists some quality clues to help make your resume sparkle like a shiny new penny!

Corn On The Job, created by Rich DeMatteo, has covered recent topics like:

  • The Top Most Desirable Mentors
  • Engulfed In Your Career or Job Search? Unplug.
  • Announcing The Launch of JobHuntChat.com
  • She Broke My Heart When She Asked, “Is LinkedIn The Same As Career Builder?
  • Lunch Interviews – They’re NOT About The Food

Not only are these posts insightful and straight to the point but they are interesting, funny, and have personality.

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