If you are wondering whether or not to send a thank you card after an interview the answer will always be YES.  After you choose a tasteful, simple, and professional card (some suggestions pictured below) you should draft your note first.

To avoid mistakes and ripping up a perfectly fresh thank you card, get out some scrap paper and start scribbling.

To help get you started we have drafted a simple and “to the point” thank you note which should get your gears turning and hopefully, inspire you to add your own personal twist to the follow up note. Keep in mind that you want to HOLD the recipients attention. Short and sweet make the best notes…

If you are having trouble finding a suitable card please see below for our top five picks.

1. Papyrus $3.95 (for one card) 2. Kate’s Paperie $15.00 (set of 10) 3. Staples $11.99 (Set of 50) 4. Crane & Co. $15.00 (Set of 10) 5. Smythson Of Bond Street $52.00 (Set of 10)

For more suggestions on Thank You Card notes and ideas please feel free to comment. Good luck on your interview and remember – FOLLOW UP!