A background check company called Social Intelligence Corp., who screen job applicants based on Internet photos and postings, is now permitted to conduct background checks based on their findings. Forbes.com reported that the Federal Trade Commission gave the company the “stamp of approval” because they are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and now have the liberty to use what they find on the Internet about you and add it to your file.

What does this all mean!?

The article focuses on all the unprofessional pictures and postings (which Social Intelligence can keep on file for seven years BUT will not reuse the information for a new search) and how it can affect your professional profile.

While we should all know the proper etiquette when publishing a professional Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, ect. profile, sometimes you get caught up in the “cyber moment” and post things that are not “potential employer” friendly.

Before going live with images, statements, shares, and all that you publish in cyberspace:

  • Update your privacy settings
  • Limit your fun photos and posts
  • Go through all previously published and trash what may deter a potential employer from interviewing, let alone, hiring you

On a positive note, you can use your social media networks to promote your talents, hobbies, and worldliness.

  • Post pictures of the places you have traveled
  • “Check in” while at museums, restaurants, ect
  • Link to inspirational websites, articles, and provide your opinion and feedback

Highlight all that’s great about you through social networking! It will only help you in your job search and may even bring people to you!