You have sent your resume and you’re wondering what to do next, right? You know that sending your resume is just the first step in connecting with the right person who may hold your future career in their hands.

If you don’t know that then that may be the reason you haven’t found a job or landed an interview.

Following up after you submit your resume is key to getting feedback, scheduling a potential interview, and networking.

Here are some steps you can take after sending your resume.

  • Do your research and call the hiring manager approximately one week after your submission to confirm they have received your resume. Ask if they have any questions and try to stand out among other candidates.
  • Find recent articles on the company and bring that to the table in your follow up. This shows that you care and you are genuinely interested in, not only the position, but the company as well.
  • If you don’t speak with the hiring manager directly ask to leave a message and send a follow up email a few days later.

Persistence is key in seeking new job opportunities. Don’t assume that sending a resume is the only step. They don’t say “Looking for a job is a full time job” for nothing!

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