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Recently our recruiters have been digitally delighted.

Candidates cart their iPads to their interviews presenting their resumes and portfolios digitally. With the flip of a finger we have been wowed, impressed, and sometimes, a little frightened.

There are many pros to digital presentations:

  • Quality images and material
  • Professional
  • Organized
  • Sleek and chic

We have been surprised when faced with some startling personal images mixed in with “sample images.”

The cons to digital presentations:

  • No fluid presentation prepared – resulting in personal photo montages
  • Confusion in locating the presentation causing the recruiter/hiring manager to wait

SAVE FACE with the following by avoiding embarrassing moments while presenting your digital portfolio.

  • Easy access to the presentation
  • Make the presentation user friendly so you can hand it off to the recruiter/hiring manager for their viewing pleasure

Have you presented a digital portfolio in the past? What were the benefits in using this method over print portfolios?