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Account Manager

Pyramid Consulting Group, a multi divisional recruitment firm, is looking to add an ACCOUNT MANAGER to their team. PCG places professionals across a broad spectrum of industries from fortune 500 companies to start-up ventures.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in an entrepreneurial venture, room for tremendous growth, and a fun work environment.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Connect with various brands to educate them about Pyramid Consulting Group’s services and structure
  • Prospect, consult with, and develop new business relationships
  • Previous experience in sales in a relatable environment a MUST
  • Develop winning selling strategies and pitches
  • Personable, outgoing, and exceptional communication skills

Job Qualifications:

  • Experience managing client relationships
  • Possess a client-focused orientation
  • Must be self-driven with ability to work independently and provide one-on-one client care
  • Passion for client services
  • Proven client relations and supervisory skills

Please submit your resume to with “Account Manager” in the subject for consideration.  While we appreciate all candidates only those qualified will be contacted.  Thank you for your application.

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Masked Salaries Scare Recruiters

In the spirit of Halloween we would like to address an answer to a question that tends to startle our recruiters.

The questions that evoke this scary answer:

“What were you making at your last job?”

“What is your current salary?”

The scary answer:

“I would rather not share that information.”

“Instead of telling you how much I’m making, how about I tell you what I’m looking for?”

In order for a recruiter to one, trust you, and two, help you find a job, you need to be honest and open with them.


  • They are working to help you and without certain information it difficult to network on your behalf
  • If you do not provide honest answers it’s hard to pin down the perfect opportunity for you
  • All information is confidential. We only ask to better understand your past, present, and successful future

If you have any questions regarding this post please email Don’t forget to visit our website for current job openings!

A Minimalists Approach to a To-Do List

In good practice, every night about twenty minutes before the end of the day, my co-worker and I go over all that we completed, new tasks to take on tomorrow, and “to-dos” that were pushed to the wayside that weren’t a priority. We call these jumpers. These jumpers make it on to the next day’s agenda.

In an attempt to avoid jumpers, which are considered to-do list page fillers, we are taking a minimalistic approach to our to-do list.

If you have trouble completing all the to-do’s on your list – here are some rules to follow to minimalize your task list, get more done, and leave those jumpers behind until they become a priority.

Job Of The Day

Pyramid Consulting Group’s Fashion Division has partnered with an expanding international fashion brand to assist in mass staffing sales associates.  This position offers an extraordinary experience with room for growth working with an eclectic and diverse group of hard workers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Eagerness to learn new things and work with a team
  • Meet and  exceed sales goals
  • Maintain brand and operational standards
  • Understand fitting room dynamics and assist as needed
  • Experience working in large, flagship stores with ability to succeed in a fast-paced environment
  • Previous retail experience a plus
  • Provide product and brand knowledge to customers
  • Assist with special projects as assigned by management


Job Qualifications:


  • Quick with discount and percentage calculations
  • Available to work a flexible schedule that meets the business needs – including nights and weekends

While we would like to meet with all candidates, only those qualified will be contacted. To be considered please send your resume to with “Sales Associate for International Brand” in the subject. Thank you, in advance, for sending your resume.

Good luck!

Job Feed Frenzy – October 17th

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Sick of It

You wake up sick and you find your mind arguing with your feelings.

Feelings: Wow, how will I get through the day with this horrible cold?

Mind: Get up! You have work to do! Who will complete all your projects and responsibilities if you call out sick?

Feelings: I have to stay under these covers or I’ll never get better. I’m miserable.

Mind: One foot in front of the other. Push yourself. Once you get to the office you will feel better.

You battle it out and decide to go to work.

At work your eyes are heavy, your body aches, and you feel chilly one second and hot the next. Are you really producing results or are you just at work “to be there.”

Trust us, your time will be better spent resting up so you can perform at your best when you are well. The road to recovery will be a lot longer if you keep pushing yourself. And you definitely don’t want to get the whole office sick.

Stay home, no one will think any less of you, and get well soon!