LinkedIn News, one of our favorite sources of hot topics in “Careers and Recruiting Today,” referenced an insightful post from Business Insider.

This post addresses the very important E-mail Etiquette one must possess when networking through cyberspace.

Some great points made in this article include:

  • Don’t forget to attach! How many times have you sent an email and forgot to attach a document. And what’s even worse is you wrote “Attached please find…” but there is nothing attached. Attach before you write.
  • Abbreviations are great when chatting with friends and even some co-workers. However, when you are emailing leave out the LOL’s and TTYL’s. It’s not professional.
  • We can’t tell you how many times we have received emails from candidates with email addresses that we hope they’ve outgrew since college. Update you email address with a first and last name alias so you will be easily recognized.

For other tips on how to practice extraordinary E-mail Etiquette, click here.