One of the most stressful parts of a job search is the, hopefully, inevitable interview. After hours of perfecting your resume and committing to following up and solidifying a meeting you’ve finally solidified an interview! Congratulations.

Now the hard part. Do not let your nerves get the best of you! Remember your resume got you the interview and now your personality has to get you the job.

How can you calm your nerves before the interview?

  • Rehearse

A few nights before the interview, draft some basic questions you know you’ll be asked and rehearse in front a mirror or a friend.

  • Don’t drink/smoke

We think this goes without saying, but please don’t drink the night before or smoke on your way to the interview. You might not be able to smell the effects but the interviewer might. Please keep in mind that the same goes for “good” scents as well. Perfume is a good idea but DO NOT over do it!

  • Positive thinking

Do not start to dream up scenarios about how the interview can go wrong. Think positively.

  • Chamomile Tea

Relax the night before and morning of with a nice, hot, calming cup of Chamomile Tea.

  • Visit before the big day

Take a trip to the office building before the day of your interview. This will reassure you that you are able to get there, how long it will take and will give you a visual of what you’re walking into. Doing this leaves one less thing to worry about.

  • Get enough sleep

You might be anxious the night before, but don’t let that stop you from getting a good night sleep. You want to be and look well rested.

  • Deep breathes

It may sound bogus, but deep breathing really does calm stress and relieve tension. Try it, it doesn’t hurt.

  • Be prepared

Do your research! Know everything there is to know about the company – past, present and future. Current article topics and acknowledging social media discussions are a huge plus!

  • List of objectives

Not all interviews can run smoothly.  There may be some speed bumps in the interview and some questions you don’t know the answers to. Make sure you prepare some objection questions as well and practice your answers.


Most of the time when we’re nervous, we tend to either speak too much or not enough.  If you know you speak a lot when your nervous, make sure you listen to what is being asked of you and ALLOW THE INTERVIEWER TO FINISH THE QUESTION. Nothing is worse than not answering the question or answering it incorrectly because you weren’t paying attention.

What are some ways you’ve relaxed before an interview? Please share with us on our Facebook Page.