The inspiration for this post comes from Pyramid Consulting Group’s newest move.  We just moved our office down the street but this change makes all the difference.

Check out our space!

Some people fear change, but this type of change brings about fresh new ideas, projects, and even a little motivation.  The trick here is that just because you feel you are in a slump at your desk, doesn’t mean it’s time to encourage the boss to move locations.

You can make simple changes in your personal workspace to encourage your mind to stay fresh and eager.

Now you’re asking yourself what you can do differently to spice up your space…

  • Have you thought about spring cleaning? It’s about that time. Take an hour to go through your junk drawers and files and purge all that you don’t need. Have a feng shui moment and just trash it!
  • Rearrange the contents of your desk. You’ll find that this creates a small obstacle for your mind.  It’s like switching up a routine – it challenges your mind and keeps you focused and alert.
  • Bring some life into your space. Add some small plants.
  • Need something inspiring to look at? Print some of your favorite quotes, scenes, and/or pictures and frame them. Find a place for them on your desk and look to them for a smile and motivation.

How do you spice up your office space?