When you are sitting at your desk the last thing on your mind is how your wrist is angled in relation to your mouse.  As you respond to emails you’re probably unaware of your eye level.

Did you know that thinking about and adjusting more than just the aforementioned will help with neck, back, and overall achiness?

According to an article written by Fitsugar, you can make easy adjustments to have an ergonomically correct desk.

  • KNEES, ANKLES, AND WRISTS should be at a 90˚ angle in position with your keyboard
  • Your BACK should remain neutral, even if it means adding a small foot rest at the bottom on your desk
  • Don’t rest your WRISTS on your desk when using your mouse. “Resting your wrists actually places greater strain on the sensitive tendons.” Invest in a “squishy” wrist support.
  • ELBOWS should be close to your body for a majority of the day.
  • Use a computer riser if your EYES do not hit the first third of your computer screen. If there is no riser available where you work, use a few books.
  • To give your EYES a break from the computer screen, look away once in a while to give them a rest.

For additional information about how to be more comfortable at your desk, now and in the future, visit Fitsugar’s article.