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Being a Professional on Twitter

twitter_logoUsed by over 300 million people Twitter is commonly used as a personal diary, but it is also important to consider it as a job networking tool as well. But why? Twitter can expand your professional network and inform you of important industry news. Whether you give your existing account a makeover, or create a totally new one, Twitter is a useful site in creating your personal professional image. When using Twitter as a professional, we suggest you keep these things in mind.

When creating your account, create a short username as close to your real name as possible. This will allow your followers to identify who you are immediately and can easily associate you with your Twitter handle. Also consider who you want your audience to be. Do you want your followers to be open to anyone, or would you rather focus on colleagues and other professionals?

Make sure you fill out all aspects of your Twitter page, including the avatar, biography and background. While your avatar doesn’t have to be a picture of you, your bio should be a 160 character long “elevator pitch” of your experience/interests. Brand yourself fully and make sure you include a link to a location you want to send your audience.

Build content. Consistently tweet things that are professionally relevant to you and don’t be afraid to join existing conversations. Search hashtags to find people who are talking about similar topics you are interested in, and connect yourself. Thoughtful interaction is the number one way to gain followers. Following trending topics and hashtags in your industry can also make you aware of any big news going on.

Be confident. You are using Twitter to enhance your professional online presence, so let your voice be heard! Being courageous can often times lead to educational conversation among other people in your industry.