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Being a Professional on Twitter

twitter_logoUsed by over 300 million people Twitter is commonly used as a personal diary, but it is also important to consider it as a job networking tool as well. But why? Twitter can expand your professional network and inform you of important industry news. Whether you give your existing account a makeover, or create a totally new one, Twitter is a useful site in creating your personal professional image. When using Twitter as a professional, we suggest you keep these things in mind.

When creating your account, create a short username as close to your real name as possible. This will allow your followers to identify who you are immediately and can easily associate you with your Twitter handle. Also consider who you want your audience to be. Do you want your followers to be open to anyone, or would you rather focus on colleagues and other professionals?

Make sure you fill out all aspects of your Twitter page, including the avatar, biography and background. While your avatar doesn’t have to be a picture of you, your bio should be a 160 character long “elevator pitch” of your experience/interests. Brand yourself fully and make sure you include a link to a location you want to send your audience.

Build content. Consistently tweet things that are professionally relevant to you and don’t be afraid to join existing conversations. Search hashtags to find people who are talking about similar topics you are interested in, and connect yourself. Thoughtful interaction is the number one way to gain followers. Following trending topics and hashtags in your industry can also make you aware of any big news going on.

Be confident. You are using Twitter to enhance your professional online presence, so let your voice be heard! Being courageous can often times lead to educational conversation among other people in your industry.

PCG Partners: Rachel Levin Style


Our style expert Rachel Levin, of Rachel Levin Style, is back again to help you out! Here is a question that was posted on our blog and Rachel’s advice:

I’ve been working for the same company for a while and everyone dresses pretty casually. I would like to show that I’m serious about advancing my career, becoming part of the management team – but when I dress up people always say, Why are you so dressed up? Any advice for what I can wear?

This is an excellent question- it’s tricky to navigate the world of business casual. Without knowing more information here are my 3 best tips. First you can take your cues from your management team. How do they differentiate themselves from their direct reports? Are casual looks with tees and denim always finished with a jacket, heels, or scarf? Once you have identified what your leaders do to visually set themselves apart, you can incorporate that into your wardrobe. Second, if my first suggestion is challenging, you can pick a style leader in your office – someone who everyone always comments on how great they look and represent your company’s brand. Maybe they always have fabulous accessories or maybe they dress in clean minimal lines. Try to incorporate their styling success into your wardrobe. Third, if you are dressing up to match the style of your management team and it is your coworkers, not your leaders, who are questioning the change in your professional wardrobe, just smile at them and keep at it- we should always dress for the job we want! Also don’t forget grooming can go a long way towards elevating any look- no matter how casual. If you would like to share more details so I can better assist you, I am always available for a complimentary initial consultation. All my best for your success in landing your next role!

To find out more about Rachel and her company visit her website. Keep the questions coming by posting to the comment section of our blog or on our Facebook page.

Importance of Internships


As a student, internships can teach you more about the industry you’re interested in, or can completely change your mind about it. When speaking to many of our top clients they all agree: internships are an important part of a candidate’s work history. They are looking for someone with not just a degree, but a candidate with knowledge of their field, and some basic work experience. An internship allows you to not only improve your resume, but it will also help you make valuable industry contacts. Working as an intern can leave a great impression with the company you are working with and can also provide you with a great reference letter at the completion of your internship. Don’t take your internship experience lightly. Work hard, ask questions, and take advantage of the opportunity. It could have a lasting effect on your future!