How To Answer…

This question is very similar to our last “How to Answer Post…” We have received feedback from readers regarding questions that ask to provide a negative answer.

Questions like:

What is your greatest weakness?

Tell me about the worst boss you ever had.


Tell me about a time when you failed.

There is no way around this question. You have to answer with an appropriate experience relating to a time when you failed. You can, however, spin the failure into a positive experience where you learned and grew from making a mistake.

Do not say that you have never failed, because we have all failed at something at one point in our careers. Try your best not to blame someone else in the process of relaying a “failure” story.

It shows courage and strength when you take full responsibility for your actions. Take the fault and spin the failure into something positive. Show examples that relate to how you’ve made a conscious effort to never fail in that way again. Live and learn!

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