amNewYork and wants you to focus more on landing the job you actually want!

While being unemployed has it’s obvious downsides, you can also view it as an opportunity to search, experiment and network for a job that you actually want instead of “just-a-job.”

Cathy Vandewater, author of “5 Ways To Land The Job You’d Actually Want,” said, “Since the recession, the ‘work-shouldn’t-be-fun’ mentality has only gotten worse.  But here’s the trouble with ‘money’ jobs: not only do they make no promises of job satisfaction, they only bring real money for those who are good at them.”

Here are some ways to get on the path to landing your dream job:

Start to think outside of the box. How can you stand out? What more can you do to find what you really want? How can you obtain your dream job?

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