If you find that you have been job searching for months and are looking forward to some down time this summer, don’t let the warm weather, beach fun, and enticing vacations tear you away from continuing on your path to success.

If your search has become monotonous follow these five steps to a job search revival.

  • Switch It Up
    • Change your routine. For example, if you exercise in the morning before you start your search try changing the time until after your daily search is over, or during your lunch break.

  • Add-Ons
    • Find some volunteer work for the summer months. Get outdoors, meet new people. Volunteer work is great to add to the vacant months on your resume.

  • Network More
    • With warm weather comes dining outside! Invite some old colleagues and industry folk out for happy hour, lunch, or dinner outside.

  • Change Location
    • If you’re used to conducting your job search in your home – leave! If you are not close to Wi-Fi make a plan to draft emails or even hand written notes outside for some fresh air and a change of atmosphere.

  • Walk It Off
    • Instead of sending resumes via snail mail walk your documents over to the office building and drop it off by hand. Not only will you get some exercise but you will also save money!

Do you have any other ideas for amping up your summer search? Please share!