Ways to Customize Your Resume

Resumes are the one representation of who you are as a person, and a culmination of the work you have accomplished over the years. Updating resumes can be a pain, but it is a necessity. Here are three ways to customize your resume so you can get recognized more frequently!


  1. Address the Company’s Needs

Companies are looking to hire people to fill a void in their company. Make sure you can perform in the role you are applying for, and tailor your resume to how the company operates. The bullets points under your job experiences should reflect major tasks you have handled that match with the company’s mission statement. This may take extra research—but it’s worth it!

  1. Show Your Skills

Include a skills section at the bottom of your resume to ensure the employer you are confident in your abilities. Showcasing your expertise lets them know you are poised and ready to take on the tasks that come with the position. Skills relevant to a specific job position can easily be implemented into a resume, and altered for other applications.

  1. Key Words

In today’s modern world, companies use applicant tracking systems to scan resumes for key words. For your resume to pass through initial screening, the trick is to identify words in the job posting or job description that seem relevant to the open position. Placing these words in your resume informs the employer that you are qualified for the job. It’s important not to embellish your skills to simply include more of these key words, but any that match your experience are definite advantages.

Ask Our Recruiters: How to Stay Positive During A Job Search


Hello Job Seekers! We are back with our Ask Our Recruiters Series. Today, We are going to answer a question posted by Annie on our Facebook Page asking about staying positive during a job search. We totally get it! Sometimes the process can feel long and it’s hard to stay upbeat, but our girl Randi has some great advice for you. Here is Annie’s question:

I feel like I’m taking the right steps searching for a new job, but am feeling frustrated with how long it’s taking. Any advice on staying positive?


You’re obviously off to a great start because you are confident that you’re taking the right steps, which is awesome!  I learned in my own job search prior to joining Pyramid that the reason the search can take time is because it’s not about finding the first thing that comes along, it’s about finding the RIGHT thing!  Just like how you want to join a company that feels like the best fit for you, they are also looking for someone who is the right fit for them, and that’s a company you should definitely be willing to wait for!  View every interview as a chance to gain great feedback that can help you in each subsequent interview.  Were you asked a question you didn’t know how to answer?  Make sure you focus on being able to answer it in the future!  Commit to spending a specific amount of time each day to your job search, and if you get frustrated, give yourself a break and take a few days off.  The perfect job isn’t going to get away from you in that time.  Finally, we are here for you!  If you’re not using a Recruiter, you’re missing out on a very valuable tool in your job search.  Let us know how we can help you!

Traits That Successful Leaders Never Tolerate

Tolerance is a good virtue, but a leader will not tolerate certain attributes that hold them back. Whether these traits are within leaders themselves or in others, a good leader will avoid them and see tremendous results in the workplace.

Dishonesty is a slippery slope. It is important to always be truthful with your colleagues. Having an open source of communication in the workplace can foster better ideas and develop a sense of trust. Building an honest integrity is a significant part of relationship building in the office.

No one enjoys the company of a “Negative Nancy.” Having a consistently negative attitude keeps you from being your best. If you hear yourself complaining, try to catch yourself in the act. When the work environment feels toxic with a melancholy vibe, it affects the quality of work and brings down the company ambiance. Employee attitudes are important, and as a leader your workers must be a positive reflection of yourself.

Disorganization is a trait that breeds inactivity. Being organized allows for you to be more proactive and explore new experiences. Disorder in your work schedule prohibits assignments from being completed on time and makes all future assignments more difficult to complete. Noble leader will always be organized so their employees

Disrespect in the workplace is intolerable. The heart of a proper relationship is respect, and the employee-manager relationship is one that should be relieved of personal resentment. It is important for both parties to dilute their anger towards others in the office and control their emotions.

These poor traits should be avoided by professional leaders.

Tips To Improve Your Job Search

  1. Apply for Jobs on a Monday

Although some may find it hard to believe, Mondays are actually the best time to apply for a job. Most people feel recruiters have congested inboxes from the weekend, but applying on Monday is actually the best way to get your application noticed. Applying at the beginning of the week keeps you at the forefront of an employer’s “to-do list.” Don’t forget to attach your cover letter and resume in PDF format!

  1. Using Key Words in Your Application

Hiring Managers scan resumes for a minuscule amount of time before moving on to the next resume. Sometimes companies even use tracking systems to scan your resume for key words! Whether it’s a person or a machine, your resume isn’t assured much time before being turned over in a stack of paper. Using key words helps your resume stand out among the pile.

  1. Schedule Job Interviews for the Morning

Much like applying for jobs on a Monday, being one of the first couple names on a recruiter’s schedule can only benefit your job search. Employers that meet with candidates earlier in the day are more likely to rate them higher. If a recruiter gives you a high rating in the morning, they are less likely to hand out the same ratings to candidates scheduled later in the day. After all, the hiring process is a competition!

Ask Our Recruiters: The Salary Talk


We are back with another installment of our Ask Our Recruiters series. Today’s question seems to come up a lot, so we asked Erika to answer Matt’s question and hopefully you all find it helpful!

ErikaI’m interviewing for a higher position at a new company and would like more money than I’m currently making. How do I know how much more I can ask for without looking greedy?

This is a great question we all have asked ourselves at one time or another in our personal job searches. Money is obviously an important factor to consider when taking on a new role, but can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss within the interview process. Here are some tips that will help you prepare, select, and interview for those positions that meet your ideals and provide you with your next step in your career:

1. Speak to your recruiter about your current compensation package. Have you had an increase in the last year? What is your bonus potential? What is your next step there? What is the salary you need to make a move to a new organization?
2. Find out your market value: Indeed.com has an excellent “average salary” guide by geographic region. Remember, this is a “guesstimate”, as each company is different. Find out more about the company you are interviewing with, and see what the retention rate is. You can also ask your recruiter about previous year bonuses or review programs there. Does your salary range work with their budget?
3. Review your current compensation package versus what your ideal salary is. Is it attainable and realistic to that industry and your level of experience?
4. Be honest, yet humble in the interview. Your audience can be quickly turned off by answering the salary question that is out of their range. Your recruiter can convey your agreed upon salary expectations in the submission process.
5. Communicate any new information you learn about the position in the interview process like direct reports, travel, or additional responsibilities not in the original job specs. You can then take these factors in to consideration if you need to adjust your minimum.

Good luck!

PCG Partners: Rachel Levin Style

Our style expert Rachel Levin, of Rachel Levin Style, is here again to answer another fashion in the workplace question!

How do some people do it? They always look pulled together and perfect?

If you are like me when it’s 6am and your alarm starts beeping, the last thing that you want to think about is how to complete your look. I would like to share the magic of my easy philosophy.

The rule of three.

I have read many theories on styling and accessorizing, all are helpful in the moment, and I find that I forget them the next. Perhaps it’s because I started my career in a more formal environment that I always find myself coming back to the rule of three. I am not talking about the traditional dress code where three pieces equal suit jacket+blouse+skirt, I am talking about three pieces or elements that complete your look. The rule of three can just as easily be applied to styling a collared shirt buttoned to the top popping out of a sweater with sleeves rolled to reveal thoughtfully layered stack of bangles. Matching watch and with belt with oxfords, cardigan buttoned up with a tie tucked in. How many components do you count? Three.

I encourage my clients to think about their outfit in pieces and pieces can be either clothing or a styling element. For example, you can make a statement with a jacket just as dramatically as with a strong lip. If you follow this simple rule I promise you will look polished for every morning meeting.


Please check out Rachel’s Instragram, and Facebook page for more ideas on how to look put together!

Being Busy

Being constantly busy has taken over our lives. Everyone is too busy for everyone else. It seems like we always have that next project looming over our heads or that next minor task we are so eager to get out of the way.

There is only so much time in a day to complete all of our daunting tasks, but there are a few solutions to make us stop feeling like we are so busy. First, we need to stop saying we are “busy.” Simply stating we are busy all the time makes us more stressed, and makes us feel like we have more to do. Furthermore, the person you’re talking to is probably just as busy as you are, and doesn’t care to hear that you think you’re the busiest person around.

Next, if you look at your calendar and feel overwhelmed with the day’s events, change your mindset! Instead of dreading about how much have to do get done or meeting you have to attend, look at it as an opportunity to connect with people. Make the best out of every meeting you have scheduled. This will make your day more enjoyable and increase productivity at the same time.

Lastly, tweak your life by making time for the things you enjoy. Unfortunately, there will always be another assignment to complete. It’s important to ignore the “list” for a few moments during the day to eat a good meal, take 10 minutes to walk around outside, or incorporate a quick workout. It is almost impossible to complete everything you have to do every day; by the time you finish everything on your list, more tasks have surely been added on. It’s a vicious cycle, and although it is important to remain prioritized, being extremely busy can also bog us down and prevent us from performing to the best of our abilities.

Interview Question: Why Would You be a Good Fit Here?

Hand and word Placement - business concept (isolated on white background)

When asked this question, don’t panic. It seems like your biggest opportunity to seal the deal or make an impression, but remain calm and answer accordingly. Interviewers ask this to see how much confidence you have, but don’t want you to ramble about how much you love their company. This is about you! Pick out a few of your skills that are valuable to the position. Stick to what matters most and make a concise summary of your previous experience. Research the company before you interview so you’ll know what they’re expecting. Since this question will be asked later in the interview, you can highlight on previous things you’ve said. “Like I stated before” or “As I mentioned” are great ways to focus on your talents. Being a good “fit” is also making an addition to the team. When asked this question, stay positive and sell your strong points to the interviewer.

Self-Beliefs That Will Harm Your Chance at Success

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive, but thinking negatively will only hurt your chances of success. While we might think some people are just more creative or intelligent, that isn’t true. Those people—the successful ones—worked hard to get where they are, but never let the negative stuff get to their head. Here are 5 ways to get rid notions that will harm your success:

  1. “I never get the right opportunities”

Opportunities are given on an everyday basis. Take advantage of every chance you get—even the small ones. In today’s world opportunity is always knocking at your door with the ability to connect with anyone through social media. There is no need to wait around for someone else to hand you an opportunity, because you can create your own. Don’t think about more opportunities needing to be given, think taking full advantage of the opportunities you are given.

  1. “Someone is always holding me back”

Whether you think it’s your boss, a fellow employee, or someone outside of the office holding you back—they’re most likely not. We believe this because it’s the easiest excuse to tell ourselves. Never put blame on someone else if you don’t succeed. In fact, it’s important for us to accept our failures so we can learn from our mistakes. When we embrace what we’ve done wrong or where we messed up, it usually benefits our next project or task.

  1. “I just don’t have enough time”

There is always enough time, we just need to decide how to manage that time throughout the day. Making a schedule can help, but don’t force all your tasks into an allotted time frame. Be realistic for how much you think you can get done in one day. If you cram it all into your schedule, you’ll be extremely overwhelmed—and even more disappointed when you don’t finish it all! Plan the adequate amount of tasks for the day, but be efficient and timely when you start them.

The Negative Effects of Caffeine

like concept

A majority of coffee drinkers consume coffee for the caffeine. It keeps them alert, awake, and puts them in a better mood—or so they claim. Caffeine is proven to enhance your awareness and ability to finish tasks, but only in the short-term.

It’s true what you’ve heard—caffeine is considered a drug. It stimulates the central nervous system to cause increased alertness. Once its effects wear off, the drinker experiences withdrawal. This withdrawal actually inhibits your ability to do work, and the only way to get back to functioning is to consume more coffee! While we may feel those rushing effects of caffeine are the key to success, they actually develop a dependency. Studies have shown that caffeine withdrawal diminishes cognitive performance, and drinking that cup of coffee is only bringing your mental state back to normal for a short period of time. You may feel like you’re more attentive, but in reality you’re in a normal state.

Caffeine can also increase adrenaline, which puts our body into a hyperactive mood. Adrenaline is apparent in our “fight-or-flight” instinct, and would typically be good for a dangerous situation because it eludes rational thinking in favor of a quicker mental response. As you might guess, this is not really suited for answering emails and phone calls.

In the workplace it’s important to be motivated and alert, but also to manage emotions and remain calm during high stress situations. Caffeine creates a dependency, boosts adrenaline, and impacts our sleep patterns, making it a substance we should avoid. Eating right, exercising, and taking breaks throughout the day are great ways to gain focus instead of relying on coffee.